Write that eBook without typing a word using Google docs Speech-To-Text

Have you ever wanted to write an article, an essay, or even a long Facebook post but feel lazy about it? Then don’t worry because I am about to show you how you write without typing a word using speech-to-text speakers on your devices.

Do you know that you don’t have to use your keyboard to type? Yes, I know that this is confusing and you’re probably thinking “what?” But the truth is, there’s a speech-to-text function on most of our devices which we can use to write to type without having to type using our keyboards. So for writers who want to write most time but are tired of writing or bored can use these features and speak into their devices while the speech recognition does the typing for you…

Most of us who use WhatsApp on our androids phones must have come to realize that you can use the speaker on the side of the keyboard to speak into your WhatsApp and as you are doing that the speech recognition writes out what you are saying.

The speech-to-text is gradually becoming the latest technological advancement which most people are adopting and it is gradually been integrated into most applications and devices like the Windows 10, androids phones, Youtube search bar, google docs and the rest of them.

In this article, I am going to talk about how you can write your essays, blog posts, Facebook posts, and whatever it is you can think of using the google docs speech-to-text tools and the windows 10 voice speaker.

Talk and Type

 Today most of our devices, be it a desktop computer, laptop computer, phone or Ipad have built-in microphones which we can use or we can choose to connect an external microphone to use.

In Google docs, there is a built-in speech-to-text detection speaker you can use for your writing. You can pause, make a correction, and issue a command and resume dictating while it writes for you without having to put off the speaker.

Start Speech-To-Text Writing

  1. Before you begin your voice typing make sure the in-built speaker is working properly if you are using a laptop or desktop computer else you will need to connect an external speaker to it. But for your phone or iPad, the built-in speaker is usually what you will use unless you want an external speaker or earpiece.
  2. Open a document in google docs on your preferred browser, those most people today use google chrome.
  3. On the menu bar click on Tools> Voice typing to bring out the microphone. The microphone is off by default.
  4. When you are ready to speak, click on the microphone, the microphone will turn from the default color to been red in a red circle. If you are using a system, a pop-up dialog box will ask you if you want to allow the speaker or not.
  5. Speak, slowing, and at a normal volume and pace.
  6. When you are done, click the microphone again to off it.

How To Correct Your Typing

  1. If you make mistake as you type with your voice, you can backspace or move your cursor to where the mistake is, correct the mistake while typing without offing the microphone.

2. After you correct the mistake, move the cursor back to where you want to continue. Below is a list of suggestions on what to be done as you are voice typing

List of Suggestions to use when voice typing to add punctuation to your text

  1. Period: This voice command adds a period to your line (.)
  2. New line: takes the cursor to a new line
  3. New Paragraph: begins a new paragraph
  4. Exclamation point: adds an exclamation mark (!)
  5. Question mark: adds the question mark sign (?)
  6. Comma: adds a comma (,)

Using voice commands

Using speech-to-text voice typing does not only stop at typing and adding punctuations, you can do more than that. You can use it to format your documents, increase text size, and more.

Note: voice commands i. e editing your text is only available in the English language only

You can select [all], [next line], [next paragraph], [next word], [last word]. To apply headings, you can use [1-6]. You can also use a lot of other formattings in your document.

 Decrease font size, increase the font size, font size [6-400], make bigger, make smaller

Copy, cut, paste, delete [word or phrase], insert [table of contents, bookmark, equation, footer, header, page break]

 Go to start/end of [line, paragraph, column, row, document], move to next/previous [character, word, page, column, heading, line, misspelling, paragraph, row]

This list seems endless, just think of what you can do using Microsoft office word to type, all those functions are built into the voice typing function in google docs.

When you are done typing just click your microphone and put it off. I tell you once you master the art of typing with voice typing you will never use your keyboard and mouse to type again.

Though voice typing can seem confusing, just like every other skill it requires constant practice to master the art of voice typing.