The Affiliate Accelerator Course

There is big money to be made on the internet if only you understand how. Money can be made through performing various tasks on the internet either as a freelancer, a graphics designer, a web developer, you can go into eCommerce selling physical products or even selling digital products which you or other people have created as an affiliate also known as Affiliate Marketing. But there’s a huge problem, selling online is hard and as a newbie to the online space finding information which gives you a guide or a to-do list on how to be successful selling products as affiliates becomes even more challenging. But I have good news for you if you are just beginning because you can get all the information you require to succeed because you have the Affiliate Accelerator Course which takes you by the hand and shows you everything you need to know and how to succeed selling online.

What is the Affiliate Accelerator Course?

The Affiliate Accelerator Course as the name implies is a course or mentorship program designed to reduce the learning curve of an affiliate or a would be affiliate who wants to take on Affiliate Marketing as a side hustle if you are trying to add a passive income to your regular 9-5 job or  you are planning to go into Affiliate Marketing full time. The Affiliate Accelerator Course comes with a mentorship program where you are held by the hand and show step by step how to succeed as an affiliate selling other people’s products or even selling your own products. 

What makes the Affiliate Accelerator Course different from any other mentorship program is because the Affiliate Accelerator Course is not just one of those courses you will never make use of because the course combines the marketing knowledge you need and a shove you need to execute the funnel. A no excuse Accountability team of coaches and other successful students like you who are caring and supportive while making sure you get results.

Most times it is not the lack of knowledge that is the problem but lack of execution of the knowledge we have. In fact some of you are suffering from information overload, you have so much information at your fingertips but using the information (execution) is the main problem you are facing.

What will you be learning in the Affiliate Accelerator Course

The Affiliate Accelerator Course is designed not just for Affiliate Marketing but it also teaches you a lot of technical skills that will help you succeed outside the marketing confines.

What you will be learning in the Affiliate Accelerator Course includes:

– The Secret Affiliate Hexagon Model

The Secret Affiliate Hexagon Model shows you how you can pick a product, the right audience who needs this product and then how to sell to this hungry audience.

– Most profitable niches and sub-niches

This shows you the most profitable and evergreen niches and sub-niches which will always have hungry audience to dell to

– Millionaire products and offer

– Organic secrets to market your offers

Here you will learn how to get customers from organic traffic without spending a dime, you will learn how to leverage the power of social media, forums and other platforms to market your products.

– Building your funnels (Opt-in, squeeze pages, OTO funnel pages)

Here you will be shown step by step on how to build an opt-in page, squeeze page and how to link your pages to your Affiliate pages to make sales and earn commission which of course is the reason you are into Affiliate Marketing.

– Getting your domain and hosting very cheap

Here you will be shown how to get how and where to get cheap domain name and web hosting plan for your business (Click here to get cheap web hosting with free domain name for one year)

– Install WordPress and Start building with Elementor

Here you will be taught how to install the Elementor plug-in on your wordpress site after buying your domain and hosting and then you start building your web pages as mentioned above.

– Setting Up Automation

Here you are taught how to set up your auto responder email on getresponse and how to automate these emails so that you can always keep your leads engaged till they eventually get converted to customers and buy from you.

– Email marketing genius marketing secrets

– How to write copies that convert to sales (landing page, emails, ads)

– Driving Crazy traffic that wins

Facebook ads secrets

– Youtube Ads Secrets

– Organic blog ranking for sales

– Whatsapp Automation and Marketing


That’s not all,

You’d also be getting these as BONUSES to the course

2000+ EMAIL SWIPES worth N10,000



– ELEMENTOR PRO worth $99 = N55,000

– 5 FUNNEL PAGES worth N10,000


Also, get access to the private mastermind group where you will be coached one on one worth N45,000 per month.

The Affiliate Accelerator Course is packed and can take a novice in the online business and turn him to a guru in less than one week if and only if you are ready to put in the hard work.

To get access to the Affiliate Accelerator course click here.