How To Make Money Using OwoDaily Completing Simple Tasks and Making Money as an Affiliate on Owodaily+

Making money on the internet has always been a nightmare for a lot of people especially when it involves affiliate marketing because most of the affiliate companies are foreign companies which do not accept Nigerians due to the way Nigerians are seen outside there as fraudsters but recently making money even in Nigeria via the internet has never been more simplified like having a company like Owodaily Digital and Affiliate Network.

This post is meant to review the products and services been rendered on Owodaily and how you can benefit from the Digital freelancing network company working from home or anywhere even if you are on transit with just your phone and internet connection.

What Is Owodaily

Owodaily is a freelancing, outsourcing and crowdsourcing market place that connects an advertiser, performance or Digital marketer to workers and direct customers in Africa.

What is crowdsourcing you may want to ask? Crowdsourcing is the practice of obtaining information or input into a project or task by employing the services of a large people typically via the internet either paid or unpaid.

From the above, owodaily is a digital freelancing network where members get different digital jobs share within the network which they can apply for and when completed they are rewarded for the job they have successfully completed.

So in essence what Owodaily does is to connect advertisers with publishers, what that means is, if someone has a social media account and want to get more likes or followership, he can sign up on Owodaily as an advertiser to advertise his job for people to apply and get paid for completing the job.

Recently Owodaily has upgraded from the usual Owodaily 2.0 to Owodaily 3.0

What is Owodaily Version 3 All About


Owodaily has been updated with new features from the previous version 2. New updated on Owodaily version 3 includes new membership registration plan which includes affiliate marketing opportunities for those on the new plan known as the Owodaily+, cashback rewards on purchases on the site, social networking with other affiliates on the platform

With Owodaily one can work as a social media manager promoting clients social media accounts from engagement. Jobs posted on Owodaily are easier to engage and would be carried out correctly by members on the platform because of the monetary incentives, so with Owodaily you are guaranteed 100% success on your social media posts.

Apart from social media engagement owodaily can be used to promote other digital marketing jobs or products and services

Owodaily+ and its benefits: Owodaily+ gives you the opportunity to earn from various products of the Owodaily+ either as a business owner, entrepreneur, or individual from the affiliate network.

As a member of the Owodaily network you make 1,600 naira for every person who becomes a member of the network via your affiliate link and a bonus commission of N200 for every new sign up under your direct referral I.e N200 for every sign up from your second generation affiliate. You also get 3% bonus for life from the tasks your direct affiliate completes. You also get 3% bonus for the first deposit made by your direct referrals.

With Owodaily+, your earnings capability is limitless. You can make residual income working from anywhere.

The registration for the Owodaily+ is N13,000.00 naira annually.

Owodaily Village: The Owodaily village is the social media section of the Owodaily platform where you have the opportunity to follow other community members based on the topic they posts to that you can engage with them and follow their posts. It is expected that you follow at least members or villagers on Owodaily village.

Owodaily Market Place:  The Owodaily market place gives affiliate on the Owodaily+ plan the opportunity to make money when business owners list products or services on the Owodaily market place. These commissions are determined so that affiliates can focus on making money

How to Make Money on Owodaily

As a freelancing and network market place, there are many ways of making money on the platform which includes the following:


1.    Completing jobs: one of the ways to earn on Owodaily is by completing jobs or tasks which have been posted successfully. The set payout is made available in your account when the poster approves the job as successful.

The Jobs are as shown in the picture below showing how much each job pays out. you have to follow the instruction of the advertiser 100% to earn the money after completion of the underlisted job. there are usually about 25 tasks daily to be carried out.

2.     Referral Commission: the second way to earn on Owodaily is by direct referral, when someone signs up directly under you and activates his account you are instantly paid N1,600.00 as direct referral bonus.

3.    Indirect referral bonus:   Owodaily has made it possible for members to earn through indirect referrals; you will earn N200.00 for every one your direct referral signs up. That is to say you end from your second generation referrals.

4.    Deposit commission from direct referrals: if your referral works as a business or an advertiser, you earn 3% of their first deposit into their Owodaily account. This also creates another avenue for making money from the platform.

5.    Tasks commission from direct referrals: Owodaily have made it possible to not only earn but earn residual income by making 3% commission from the tasks completed by your direct referrals


6.    Apart from the fact that you can make money as an ordinary member of Owodaily, you can make more money when you are registered an Owodaily+ member because it gives you added advantage to make money as an affiliate promoting and selling other people’s products and services as an affiliate without owning and managing either a physical or an online store store because Owodaily has taken the pain to provide you with all the necessary tools to succeed as an affiliate.

To sign up today on Owodaily Click here so that you can enjoy the benefits of making money from the digital and freelancing network

Lets succeed with Owodaily