How to Add Your Business to Google In 5 Easy Steps|A Guide on Google My Business

Have you ever wondered how it will be if your business is displayed on Google? Yes, you must be wondering how do you go about that, I am about to show you how to display your business on Google and advertise your business using Google my Business.

What is Google My Business? Google My Business is a free online tool by Google Inc, a free and easy-to-use tool for businesses and organizations to manage their online presence across Google including search and maps. To help customers find your business online via Google maps and searches.

Google My Business has both the web version on their web via their Google website at or you can download the Google My Business mobile app for Android or IOS on the Google Playstore or Apple Store and install it on your phone

Benefits of Google My Business:

  1. Manage Your Information: Google My Business allows you to manage the information that Google users find when they search for your business or the products and services you offer. When people find your business on Google Maps and Search, they can find information like your hours, website, and street address and the services you provide whether they are physical products or digital products you are offering.
  2. Interact with Customers: You can read and respond to reviews from your customers. Post photos that show off what you do. Businesses that add photos to their Business Profiles receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps, and 35% more clicks through to their websites than businesses that don’t.
  3. Understand and expand your presence: Find insights to learn how customers search for your business, and where they come from. You can also find information like how many people call your business directly from the phone number displayed on local search results in Search and Maps. To spread the word about what you offer, you can create and track the performance of Smart campaigns


  1. Set Up a Gmail Account

Using Google products requires you to have a Gmail account and Google My Business is not an exception. So if you already have a Gmail account then you are set else just head over to here and register for your free account in a few minutes.

  • Head to

This is the Google Product page you need to set up your profile on the Google business listing in you are using the web version, but you can also download the mobile version on your mobile phone and set up your profile on it.

  • Enter Your Business Name

Your business name should be descriptive enough for customers to know the kind of business you offer. Sometimes as you type out this name it shows you names related to your business already listed, if your business name is not already taken then you can go ahead and list it, else you will have to choose another business name. Enter the address of your business showing the physical location and also add a google map if you want your business displayed on google map.

  • Setting up your business profile

Setting up your business profiles requires the business location, your business categories which specifies the kind of business you are offering to your customers, add a contact number so that your customers can reach you on it, and also a website URL if you have a website where your customers can visit and see what you have in store which cannot be displayed on google my business.

  • Complete your Google My Business Verification

Google requires you to verify your business address by sending you a verification card to your physical address with a code on it within 14 days. If you receive this code you can then head over to your Google My Business page and verify your business for Google to start showing your business to people search on google for related businesses. You can also have to option of verifying your business with a phone or email verification but this option will be displayed in the beginning when you are registering to show if you are eligible else you have to do the postcard verification which will take up to 14 days or more but not more than 30 days.