How Do You Create High Performing Emails that will engage your contacts and provide high value for ROI.

Creating high performing emails can be a very difficult task because it has to be all about your contact. The two main themes for creating high performing email is selecting the right goal.

What does selecting the right goal means? If you are able to answer this question correctly, then you are ready to get high conversion.

So the goal of your email could means educating your contact on a certain subject area or promoting a product to your audience or even introducing a product to your contact. So it all depends on you but you must first understand the goal of the email before you start writing and sending out emails.

So imagine sending an email without a goal? You will definitely not be creating any experience, if someone doesn’t know why you are sending them an email, it won’t drive value to your contact and that means there will be no result.

So, in setting a goal for your email you want to consider who you are sending the email to and at what time.

We can breakdown this goal into five segments i.e the WHO, The WHAT, the WHEN, the WHERE and the WHY.

So let’s take them one step at a time.

The WHO, who are you sending the emails to? Your email has to be relevant to your audience; you can craft wonderful content but if it is delivered to the wrong audience then, then it won’t add any value. Before sending out your email, you need to decide WHO the audience is.

Next, WHAT are you asking your audience to do, you audience have to know what you expect them to do. Are you asking them to download a FREE EBOOK, sign up for a webinar or subscribe to your weekly or monthly newsletter? Your audience needs to be specifically told what to do at what stage so that you will know if your email is successful or not.

Next is the WHEN. You have to decide at a specific time or period in your email series when you want your contact to take certain actions or get introduced into another dimension of your product sells or education.

You need to know WHERE will your contact be viewing your email? Most contacts will view your email on the smart phones either Android or IOS. So it will be good to keep in mind the kind of devices your contacts will be viewing your message so as to optimize your message for the various devices sizes.

WHAT is the desired outcome? You need to know the desired outcome of the email you are sending. Is it going to benefit your reader the more? How does the email benefit you and your business. So the email must clearly outline the benefit of the email either explicitly or expressly.

Finally WHY are you sending the email? You must be able to state clearly why you are sending the email to your contact, why did you even build your email list before sending the email. So the WHY is very important.

The second theme is to optimize each part of your email to drive conversion towards the goal. So if the goal is selling a product to your contacts or you want them to sign up for a webinar or download a content, then you have to optimize the subject line to attract your contact to want to open the content of the email, optimize the body of the email so that your contact want to click on the Call to Action (CTA) button. So the email must be optimized towards the goal of the email itself.

In conclusion, before you start sending email to your contact you must have the reason why you are sending the email and the goal you are expecting to achieve

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