Creating High Performing Emails

Why you should focus on creating High Performing Emails

High performing emails could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. What and how does a high performing email look like? How do you know that you have included the right feature to attract the attention of your contact to drive your business towards the desired goals of growing your business.

Emails are gradually becoming part of our day to day live and we have come to agree with the fact that these days we cannot do without sending emails, opening and reading emails, even drafting and saving emails for later use. Emails will continue to become part of our day to day activities whether personal or professional lives.

Take for example what Loren McDonald, Marketing Evangelist has to say about emails:

“In the next five years, however, email will be seen as not just a high ROI channel by itself but rather a platform that integrates with and makes other channels more successful.”

Email has been describes as a high ROI channel because spending on emails will definitely bring returns on investment. Most companies believe that email offers good return on investment.

But email is not just about the return on investment (ROI) but your contacts needs to see value in the email you are sending to them else the email will not benefit you and your business if the open rate of your email is very low. So your email must first be beneficial to your contact by providing great values before your business will see the ROI.

So sending high performing emails means focusing on the right content, sending it to the right segment of people in your list and sending it at the right time you know your audience will be less busy to click open your email.

High performing emails means optimizing the essential part of the email so that it can drive your audience to the specific goal the email is targeted at or to make your contact take the specific actions that will benefit you and your business.

 Before you determine whether your email is going to be high performing, first you need to sit down and draft out the template of the email you want to be sending to your contacts. You need to draw this template showing where the Call To Action (CTA) will be, what the subject line will look like and what you want your contact to benefit or do at the end of the email.

This exercise is only design to make you creative and help you bring out what a high performing email means to you and your business.

If you do this exercise gradually over time you will see that all the essential parts of your email will have been optimized to give value to your contacts and also benefit you and your business.

The essence of these high performing emails is to help you and your business achieve a high ROI and also help your contacts see value in the conversation you are having with them.

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