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5 Reasons to Buy the AFDT Token by AFRIDEX

What is $AFDT?
Afridex is a leading Blockchain Company deploying Decentralized Applications (dApps) to revolutionalize finance while the $AFDT token is the tokenized integration of the AFRIDEX solution protocol to the blockchain and crypto asset community. it was developed with a view that a digital token and it’s linked blockchain could facilitate much more than just peer-to-peer electronic value transfer.
This article is meant to look at five reasons why you should consider buying the #AFDT token.
1. To Create A Payment System Traditional for Africa

Typically, payment models are designed by large corporations and centrally controlled. But this hampers the ability for the system to be truly decentralized.

There is an ever-growing need for secure and intuitive digital wallets that provide the same benefits as the existing banking services, but without the centralized authority.

The solution is Afridex $AFDT Token which offers a globally accessible peer-to-peer electronic funds transfer services. It offers a friendly, secure digital wallet to store money that enables users to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat currencies, without expensive conversion rates.

2. Create A Cryptocurrency System for Africa

Crypto-asset prices have been fluctuating, with no clear signs of when they will stabilize. Crypto-asset holders are losing money through a basic lack of public awareness and education

The AFRIDEX solution protocol is a decentralised asset exchange platform with an associated protocol token. It has been developed for the needs of the crypto-asset community, tokenizing its underlying tokens in order to provide security and liquidity for assets, traders and market participants.

Through the $AFDT, any individual can exchange their assets in a fast and easy way with no need for interference from centralized intermediaries. Tokens can be transferred from one wallet to another with ease.

3. Provide a Platform for African Developers to Create Decentrilized Applications

The key components of AFRIDEX are programming skills, digital identity, and a public blockchain. However, this lack of requisite skills is what has made it one of the reasons why decentralized applications (dApps) are only available to the select few; African developers and the global community

How can African-based developers create innovative dApps? How can the global community be given access to this new form of development?

The answer is AFRIDEX! By integrating programming proficiencies directly into the protocol, African developers and the global community would be able to design and build decentralized applications (dApps) facilitated by a public blockchain without any boundaries like Afridex is providing.

4. Provide Opportunity for You to be Part of the AFRIDEX Governance System

Trust and security is a key factor for any project and blockchain is no exception. We all know that there are more than enough of scams and phishing schemes out there, and we need to do everything we can to avoid them.

The AFRIDEX team has always been transparent and open about its use of funds, the AFRIDEX project roadmap, and more. We’ve never shied away from questions or concerns from our community members. No one has ever been burnt by AFRIDEX – we’re very careful with how we handle our investors’ money.

The AFRIDEX token will allow for community governance over changes to the protocol in the following ways:

  • Addition or removal of tokens accepted on the AFRIDEX exchange
  • Extenuating or attenuating parameters such as deleveraging of leveraged position per time, collateral factor, arbitrage (buy and sell) slippage algorithm, (re)calibration, market capitalization, volume supply and risk limit.
  • AFRIDEX reputation voting.

5. Give You an Opportunity to Stake Your Token and Yeild more Profit

Holding the AFRIDEX native token allows you to farm other tokens listed on the AFRIDEX exchange. what this means is simply by lending or locking up your tokens for a period of time for reward or higher return on investment after the period of staking or lending.

In summary, come join us on our mission to build an ecosystem that rewards developers for decentralized applications built on the AFRIDEX protocol.

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